Howdy. I'm Ken Davenport.


About Myself

At 13,500 feet I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane simply because I had never done it before. I am the adventurous type, always up for trying something new or unknown... feet first... all in.

In 1999 I started my career as a graphic designer and took interest in web design and development in 2000. Since then I have developed several hundred websites for clients big and small... each time learning something new along the way. That's what I truly love about the industry... it changes from day to day... new tools, new methods, browser features becoming available and, of course, Google constantly changing their algorithm. Every day presents a new challenge to overcome.

I learn quickly and am patient to teach others. You'll find me to be aboveboard, hard working and full of integrity. I take a lot of pride in the work I do, the family I have and the home I've created.


With graphic design, web design and frontend/backend web development under my belt I'm a bit of a unicorn, someone with a skillset that doesn't come along too often. Below are some of the things I'm proficient at.

Graphic Design & Web Development

  • Ad Layout
  • Magazine Layout
  • Photography
  • Training Manuals
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • WordPress

    I was introduced to WordPress in 2007 and have been using it for data-driven website development ever since.

  • Custom Themes
  • Custom Coding
  • WordPress Conversions
  • Performance Optimization
  • Accessibility Integration & Auditing
  • Responsive Conversions
  • Video Training
  • Admin Customization
  • Software (Mac/PC)

  • Adobe Animate
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop (20+ years)
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe XD
  • Visual Studio [Code]
  • WordPress
  • MailChimp
  • Resume

    Below is my work experience and educational background.
    Download a complete, printable resume here (pdf).


    Productive Dentist Academy
    Sr. Web Developer
    2016-Present | Anacortes, WA
    Web Design, Front End/Backend Web Development, UX, Video Production, Video Training
    Steam Hosting
    Creative Director/ Co-Owner
    2006-Present | Burlington, WA
    Managed WordPress Hosting, Graphic/Web Design, Custom WordPress Development, Video/ On-site Training, Photography
    Web Developer
    2013-2016 | Mount Vernon, WA
    Web/WordPress Development, Website Management, eCommerce, HTML5 Advertising, Training Manual Creation, Web Server Maintenance
    How It Works
    Designer/Web Developer
    2010-2013 | Anacortes, WA
    Graphic Design, Web Design, WordPress Development, Video Production, Photography
    Skagit Valley Publishing Company
    Graphic Designer/Webmaster
    1999-2005 | Mount Vernon, WA
    Graphic design, ad layout, web design


    Skagit Valley College
    Graphic Arts Production Technology
    1997-1999 | Oak Harbor, WA

    Some of My Work

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